anchor tongue

i got my car today its so great wheres the best place to buy plants in brisbane no distance is too far 

when i was 17 me and my friends house sat for one of their parents and invited all our dudes around and called it “hawaii” and made a blackboard tally of orgasms had as a competition between the couples 

and i used to always feel terrible cos i was seeing this swedish backpacker and he was heaps hot but once we got past the language barrier i didn’t find him funny, like i thought he was downright annoying, so i kicked him out of hawaii even though we were top of the leaderboard

and anyways i thought today that he was proabbly just stoked to have a cool travel story to tell his friends about the mental sex house


A lot of people are getting all up in arms about a this weeks game of thrones but if any of you had BOTHERED TO READ THE BOOKs you’d know that it literally says “All of a sudden Petyr Baelish, aka, ‘Littlefinger’ has a really strong and weird accent and sounds heaps different from what he used to for no reason at all.” so like, get over it, it happens in the book as well.

this week at work i saw the wailers, kc and the sunshine band, joss stone and india arie, none of which i would have paid to see otherwise, and they were ALLL great.

reading british india as british sea power on the zoo website was the most disappointing thing that happened today

2 days in a row I’ve been on the bus with this horrendous racist old probably drunk woman. Yesterday she moved seats cos two women were talking about their kids and today she moved cos a lady had a pram and she muttered don’t want fucking kids up your ass.fucking big pram get a little pram its unAustralian (I had to add that unaustralian to dictionary cos it isn’t a word it isn’t a thing) do anyway I got up and moved away from her gross