anchor tongue

Me walking past a gelato store after my first ever eyebrow wax - ‘oh my god how good would gelato feel on my face’

also i think my university is full of so many good looking girls that all human people just look weird to me now. you ever hung out with a puppy for so long that fully grown dogs look disgusting? i think thats the same thing

what if vending machines had a scale in the bottom so that the machine could tell if the item hadn’t fallen down and then it could shoot your coins back out?

i stayed up all night crying and then i was an hour late to work because i forgot to set an alarm and i went to apologise to my boss and he just said “these things happen, are you okay?” and it was so nice i nearly started crying again

tom and i went to bens burgers and it reminded me of ayumi seto and her aymmy and the batty girls clothing range and that cheered me right up for some reason

today is the last day to drop out of uni without paying

and today i didn’t go to uni because i couldn’t bear it and i should just finish cos it’s four months  but i want to quit so badly i haaaaate this course

i wrote off a psychologist i had in high school because she asked if i liked to read and i said yes and she said she loved the da vinci code

i find things to regret every day without fail

hey thinking pals, any suggestions for books or movies or games or comics which have an obvious or not-so-obvious environmental moral or message that you can think of? apocalypse or anthropomorphic stuff? or otherwise?