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i feel like i need to make some kind of post because i have made some kind of big decision and i am thinking about it all the time but i don’t want the dilute the power of the decision by saying what it is and also i feel negatively, generally, about this website and the pressure to perform and then the pressure to not be performing so 

Yo ok so in Brisbane, Australia there's a bunch of streets called "Boundary St." which are all named because they were the historical boundary of how close to the city centre indigenous Australians were allowed to get at night, and there's a bit of debate about changing the street names. You think the street names should be changed to remove those connotations, or left alone to remind us of the shit that went on (and still goes on) in this racist-arse country? from Anonymous


I don’t think you really need any more reminders, that shit has got to GO.

uh we just saw bob dylan at the tivoli which is 1500 pax and i guess uhhhhhhh

side note - standing behins tom slater was a bad choice

I’m in hospitality and i just worked for a vampire ball where i was ‘m’lady’d multiple times ask me anything

Girls don’t like men with muscles, they actually just like boobs, and muscly guys little muscle boobs