anchor tongue

reading british india as british sea power on the zoo website was the most disappointing thing that happened today

2 days in a row I’ve been on the bus with this horrendous racist old probably drunk woman. Yesterday she moved seats cos two women were talking about their kids and today she moved cos a lady had a pram and she muttered don’t want fucking kids up your ass.fucking big pram get a little pram its unAustralian (I had to add that unaustralian to dictionary cos it isn’t a word it isn’t a thing) do anyway I got up and moved away from her gross

Washing machines with a front window are the worst cos I can see my most favourite white polka dot shirt touching my newish black jeans and I’m just riddled with regret and fear.

um i had a dream this mornign that was basically me unleashing every negative feeling i have towards my brother and there was a lot of screaming and crying and it was so cathartic my god. dreams are the best therapy

our flatmate’s bird has a new friend and it is the xbox. bird keeps turning it on with its face and then talking to the beep sound it is very cute